Music Lessons

Skype is a brilliant way of delivering music lessons, locally, nationally and internationally.

All you need is a computer with a camera or an IPad, with headphones.

Each lesson helps a student in making steps forward and overcome issues of technique, posture and breathing, musicality and motivation.

I love teaching using Skype and being able, as a skilled teacher to share my experience. Nothing pleases me more than seeing successful students desperate to learn more, and wanting to explore their own musical journey.

The four big factors I aim for in teaching are: Inspiration, Creativity, Motivation and Enjoyment.

If requested, students are prepared for music exams at any level.

Students benefit from my creative approach and inspiration. I can guarantee they enjoy my lessons due to the variety of tunes and repertoire they play, many of which tell stories that help foster a deeper level of understanding of what the music is about.

I look forward to welcoming you to explore and enjoy playing the clarinet, saxophone of flute.  Call today!

It is never too early to appreciate music!